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Nothing beats the feeling of watching your little one drift off to the land of nod after a long tiring day. The calm and serene environment ensures your baby receives the best sleep and wakes up feeling refreshed. However, for new moms, creating a calm environment for their babies can be a challenging and stressful job. One of the best ways to ensure your baby receives good sleep is by ensuring the clothing is appropriate and comfortable.

Most moms consider opting for a sleeping sack to keep their baby comfortable throughout the night. Organic sleeping sacks are quite popular among new moms as they ensure the material used is super comfortable for infants. Besides, considering a sleeping sack over a duvet or blanket ensures complete safety against possible Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

In this guide, we will cover everything about baby sleeping sacks - from their benefits to the best TOG rating.

1. What Are the Benefits of a Baby Sleeping Sack?

  • Sleeping sacks maintain a consistent and constant temperature throughout the time and will not overheat after wearing.

  • Sleeping sacks allow your baby to move around in the bag, roll and kick their legs.

  • Sleeping sacks can be used easily while feeding your baby - without taking them out of the sack.

  • Unlike traditional blankets and sheets, you need to add an extra cover with a sleeping sack. Thus, they help prevent the chance of SIDS.

  • Sleeping sacks ensure a calm, peaceful, and restful good night’s sleep for your baby.

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2. Ideal TOG Rating for Sleeping Sack

Thermal Overall Grade (TOG) will determine how warm a sleeping sack will keep your baby. The TOG rating or weight of a baby sleeping sack is usually determined by the thickness and warmth of the material.

A Higher TOG rating will keep your baby warm and comfortable in the sleeping sack, especially during colder months. While a standard 2.5 TOG rating and a lightweight sleeping sack are more suitable for warmer weather.

Room Temperature TOG Rating Use with/Ideal For
Under 14 degrees 3.5 Use it with a cotton bodysuit and sleepsuit. Suitable for extreme cold climate.
Under 16 degrees 2.5 Use it with a cotton bodysuit and sleepsuit.
At 17-21 degrees 2.5 Use it with a lightweight, cotton bodysuit.
At 22 to 25 degrees 1.5 Use it with a cotton bodysuit
Above 25 degrees 0.5 Use it with a short-sleeved bodysuit. Suitable for hot weather and summer holidays.

3. How to Determine the Best Sleeping Sack Fit for Your Baby?

One of the best ways to choose a suitable baby sleeping sack is to consider the age and weight of your little one. Some newborn sleeping sacks might not be suitable right from the birth of a baby. Therefore, it is essential to check the right fit of the sleeping sack for your baby. Sleeping sacks are usually available in three categories:

  • 0-6 months baby

  • 6-18 months baby

  • 18-36 months baby,

However, the size of a sleeping sack may vary depending on the brand you choose.

4. Important Considerations

  • While you can buy a sleeping sack with attached sleeves or a hood, we usually recommend new moms choose a sleeveless option to reduce the risk of overheating.

  • Always ensure that the armholes are snug enough to restrict your baby from moving their hands inside the sleeping sack. You can also consider using additional poppers for a suitable fit.

  • The neck hole should be of an appropriate and comfortable size to maintain your baby’s head at the right level.

  • Make sure all the openings of your sleeping sacks have smooth seams.

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