Our Story

This is Clickyhips Clothing Shop

We help new moms to get their baby to sleep. Swaddling calms babies and promotes longer stretches of sleep. Helping moms get renewed energy.

Clickyhips Baby Gear was founded after our daughter Michaela was born with hip dysplasia in 2019.  Michaela

We really struggled to find a suitable swaddle sleep sack to accommodate her legs in the natural frog leg position, while also helping to get her to sleep. All the sleep sacks on the market we found were tight all-over.

We bought multiple swaddle sleep sacks to see what would work to get our daughter to sleep, you name it, swaddle arms down, swaddle arms up, including velcro or zips but the swaddle sleep sacks were tight and would not let our daughter legs fall into a natural position. We ended up cutting and hand sewing different sleep sacks togethers, to get the perfect, comfortable swaddle sleep sack for her, and we finally started to get some sleep, YAY

We thought other parents should not have to go through this and this is when Clickyhips Baby Gear was born. This not only worked for our daughter Michaela but it has worked for our friends' 6 week old baby too.

Our Innovative Design

Our swaddle is designed like a wearable blanket and is wide from the waist down to promote full hip and leg movement and to ensure your baby is comfortable, while also containing your babies arms to help with startle/moro reflex, which will in turn promote longer stretches of sleep. You only need to swaddle the upper part of your babies body.
Babies need time for the joints to stretch out naturally and you will notice how your baby is comfortable with their legs in a natural spread position. All babies legs will stay in the frog leg/M-shape position as if they are still in the womb for the first few weeks of life.
This is the dream we aim for night after night, Sleep.