Our Sleep Sack Design

Our uniquely designed patent pending baby sleep sack swaddle promotes longer sleep, every parents dream. This arms up swaddle to sleep sack allows your baby to self soothe and keep their arms up in their preferred natural position. 



Organic cotton is soft on baby's sensitive skin

Our Organic Cotton is sourced from the Tamil Nadu region of India and it is GOTS certified. 

We are proud to say, no harsh chemicals are used in the making of our products.

Does not include Velcro or Zips on the arms, so not to cause irritation to your babies skin 

  • Perfect for babies sleeping with their arms up in their natural sleeping position
  • Allowing your baby to self-soothe


No need to buy multiply sleep sacks

  • Includes 2 side snaps at the chest, so to fit newborn/smaller babies
  • Fits newborn to 6 months

When your baby begins to show signs of rolling over

  • You can start to transition your baby to arms out
  • One sleeve at a time, to let them get familiar with the arms out position. 

    Designed to promote Healthy Hips

    Our Swaddle Sleep Sack has being specially designed to be wider from the waist down to allow unrestricted hip and leg movement.